Introducing Paul Duxbury

As the owner and author of this Learning and Development in Focus blog I thought readers might like to know a little about me!

I am truly enthused by the differences that those of us who work within  learning and development can paulduxbury2015make to individuals and organisattions.

I am also a firm advocate of making both Learning and Development theory and practice accessible to all.  So one of my aims with this blog is to ensure that the ideas and thinking I share are understandable and can be applied.

I have operated in the Learning and Development field for over 20 years.  That has been at both a strategic level implementing solutions which enable achievement of strategic business objectives and at an individual level training and coaching helping people to create change in their own lives.

My experience has included working with public, private and third sector organisations of all sizes and the individuals within them to facilitate business and people focused results.

As I said at the outset I am passionate about Learning and Development with a commitment to ‘people first’, which means that I am  focused on training, supporting and enabling others to achieve.  The feedback I have had throughout my career is that I am able to work effectively at all levels, whether engaging with clients to understand requirements, building and managing high performing teams or collaborating with partners to make a genuine difference.

I am committed to my ongoing development and I maintain up-to-date awareness of Learning and Development best practice and undertake appropriate training to enhance my skill base.  Recent accreditations include Fellowship of the Institute Training and Occupational Learning (FITOL) Fellowship of the Learning and Performance Institute (FLPI)

If you want to know more about me then you can take a look at Paul Duxbury – Learning and Development Professional.

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