How Can Twitter Help Me?

Twitter is changing the way that many people connect and communicate online and should be an indispensable part of your overall marketing plan for your Squidoo Lenses, blogs and websites. Twitter is free to join and you can get set up with an account in a matter of just a few minutes.

Twitter has two main components. Just like social networking sites such as MySpace or Facebook, you can add “followers” and follow other people as well. They’ll receive your updates and you’ll receive theirs.

What is unique is that your messages are limited just to 140 characters, which is why some people call it a “microblogging” tool. You have to keep your messages brief and to the point.

Sometimes it’s a real challenge to get the point across in the allotted space, but it also leaves room for a lot of creativity! Coming up with ways to say what you have to say in that small space is part of the fun of Twitter. It makes you think about the core aspects of the message you are trying to convey. You may also find, like me, that it helps you write shorter reports and emails generally!

4 Ways Twitter Can Help Jumpstart Your Traffic!

Before you set up your account, let’s go over a few of the ways that you can use Twitter:

  1. Getting traffic to your  websites and blog posts – With a simple post to Twitter, you can have readers come to your blog or website. Even though feeds do the same thing, you can often find new readers on Twitter or remind current readers to re-visit your blog or site.
  2. Connecting with your readership – When you write, you’re speaking to your readership from a distance. You write your lens or post, edit it and then post it. During all of these activities, you’re removed from your audience. But when you use Twitter to communicate, it becomes a conversation. You can show more of your personality to your followers and truly communicate with them on a different level. This can get them more interested in you and your writings which will build more traffic over time.
  3. Building your brand – In order to stand out amidst the large amount of Twitter accounts online, you need to develop a persona for people to connect to and identify with. You can further your branding by using a Twitter account. You need to figure out what makes you unique in your niche and then extend these differences between you and others in you Twitter posts. Decide what your persona or approach is and then make sure your Twitter posts reflect that.
  4. Researching – With Twitter, your target market can be at your be at your fingertips. You can spy on their interests, ask them about their needs and automatically get ideas for your blog posts.

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